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Kentucky State Board for Proprietary Education

Proprietary Education
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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KRS 165A.310 Definitions
KRS 165A.320 Applicability of KRS 165A.310 to 165A.410.
KRS 165A.330 License required -- Applications.
KRS 165A.340 State Board for Proprietary Education -- Membership -- Terms -- Meetings -- Powers -- Compensation.
KRS 165A.350 Requirements for agent's permit -- Bond -- Conditional license -- Renewal -- Owner's liability for actions of agents.
KRS 165A.360 Certificate of approval -- Bond -- Suspension or renewal -- Transferability -- Voidable student contracts.
KRS 165A.370 Minimum standards and requirements -- Training requirements for administrators and instructors -- Records -- Financial statement -- Approval and denial of certificate -- Conditional license.
KRS 165A.380 Disposition of fees.
KRS 165A.390 Revocation or suspension of permits and certificates of approval -- Conveyance of student records to board prior to discontinuance.
KRS 165A.400 Rules and regulations.
KRS 165A.410 Enforcement of law.
KRS 165A.450 Licensed schools to contribute to a student protection fund.

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Training
KRS 165A.460 Proprietary schools that offer CDL training governed by this chapter -- Exceptions.
KRS 165A.465 Criminal history background check for CDL trainers -- Fingerprinting -- Eligibility based on results -- Fees.
KRS 165A.470 License to operate CDL driver training school -- Persons who may not be connected with school -- Requirements for school and instructors.
KRS 165A.475 Application to operate CDL driver training school -- Investigation by Department of Kentucky State Police -- Application to act as instructor -- Fees -- Determination of good moral character.
KRS 165A.480 License to operate school or act as instructor -- Posting and carrying of licenses.
KRS 165A.485 Expiration and renewal of licenses -- Deposit of fees into State Treasury.
KRS 165A.490 Suspension, revocation, and refusal to issue license.
KRS 165A.495 Hearing on suspension or revocation of license -- Written request -- Appeal.
KRS 165A.500 Records kept by schools and instructors -- Retention requirements -- Confidentiality.
KRS 165A.505 Location of CDL driver training school.
KRS 165A.510 Administrative regulations.
KRS 165A.515 Application of chapter.

KRS 165A.990 Penalties
KRS 165A.992 Penalties